New Life Prison Ministry seeks to meet the needs of those who are now, or who have been incarcerated.  To provide special services to their families.  To join the penal staff in serving our mutual client.  We fulfill this  vision by networking effectively with local churches and  para-church ministries.  Towards this goal, New Life Prison Ministry  trains, equips, and sends forth volunteers who minister to the incarcerated and their families.

We are planning  on returning to Kazakhstan October of 2014.  we need about $4,000 for the trip.  Please pray for provision and safety for the trip.  You can provide support by going to the donation page and indicating KZ in the memo line.


  • We are people just like you who want to serve the Lord in the way He has called us. Just like you… we are hungry for God and hungry to share the gifts He has given with a broken and wounded world.
  • We recognize that all of us are sinners, saved by grace, that all of us are at a different part of our journey but that we are all headed in the same direction.
  • We are committed to developing long term caring relationships with inmates, their families and the hard working staff who work at our penal institutions in Washington State. We are committed to walking alongside those who seek a way out of their spiritual imprisonment by being a friend, mentor, and using the Holy Spirit as a guide.